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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Historic Photos / Set # 101

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

 Girls selling shamrocks on a Dublin street, 1916.

Haight Ashbury, California - Summer of Love - 1967. 

 Facade of the Italian Fascist Party HQ / Photo by Ken April - 1938.

Israeli artillery pounds Syrian forces near the Valley of Tears. Yom Kippur War - 1973.

A street in Bedford-Stuyvesant is filled with trash and people following the looting resulting from the blackout in New York City on July 13, 1977.

An Iranian soldier weeping over the body of his brother, killed in the early days of the Iran-Iraq war, Early 1980s.

Still photo of WWII pinup girls from the movie You’re In The Army Now. The lady in the center is Jane Wyman - 1941.

Employee at her station in the Data Terminal Test Room at Bell Labs . These special prototype terminals were state of the art at the time and were the first displays in which the data was first written to memory then displayed.

Inmates at Anamosa State Penitentiary, c1890s.

Pre-White House, pre-mobile phones, then Governor Bill Clinton checks in on the campaign trail while out for a jog - May, 1992.

Two Whistles, an Apsaroke man . His face is painted, wearing a medicine hawk headdress, a buckskin shirt, and a shell necklaces - Photo by Edward S. Curtis 1908.

Captured Chinese Soldiers beg for their lives thinking that they are going to be executed, Korea - 1951.

Franco-Vietnamese medics treating a wounded Viet Minh POW at Hưng Yên - 1954.

After the armistice agreement, North and South Korean soldiers stand guard at the 38th parallel, Korea - 1953.

Hillary Rodham - Clinton as a High School senior on her debate team in Park Ridge, Illinois - 1965.

A Japanese naval officer surrenders his sword to a British Lieutenant in Saigon on 13th September, 1945.

Sammy", the mascot of the Northumberland Fusiliers in WWI, ca. 1915.

American dive bomber deck SBD-5 Dontless 16th Bombardment Squadron after a failed landing on an aircraft carrier ‘Lexington’ , WWII.

Crude snowmobile built by Theodore Woods of 33 Manhattan Street, Rochester, NY - 1916.

A man on an amphibious cycle in Paris, Credit: Nationaal Archief - 1932.

During the Battle of the Bulge , allied soldiers decorated their helmets with lace curtains, after realizing it provided excellent camouflage in the snow - December 1944.

Celebrating Soviet Soldiers performing the Cossack dance after the defeat of Berlin. Germany, May 1945.

A 12 year old Newsboy, Hyman Alpert, who has been selling papers on the streets for three years,  March - 1909.

Adolf Hitler addresses the Nuremberg Rally during the ceremony of dedication of NSDAP standards, September, 1935.

Postal workers wearing gas masks during a training exercise in a park in Gloucestershire, England, Credit: H. Allen/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images - 1937.

Woman delivering coal in Paris due to the manpower shortage of WWI.

New York Broadway Actress Maude Adams - Circa 1905.

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