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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Historic Photos / Set # 6

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

"Foundry and machine shop, Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing. Co." Detroit, Circa 1903.

Muskogee County, Oklahoma. "Near Webber's Falls. Sons of agricultural day laborer after washing up for dinner." Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration. June 1939. 

"Automobiles at ballpark, opening game, Nationals vs. Athletics." April 26, 1923. Washington, D.C. / National Photo glass negative.

Concord, New Hampshire, circa 1908. "Loading at a New England Granite Quarry." Detroit Publishing Co.

"Palace Laundry, 1924." The following year the team sponsored by this Washington, D.C., laundry became the Palace Club, a franchise of the American Professional Basketball League. National Photo glass negative.

"Veteran migrant agricultural worker camped in Wagoner County, Oklahoma. He has followed the road for about 30 years. When asked where his home was he said, 'It's all over.'" 35mm negative by Russell Lee, June 1939. 

May 1943. "Boys who Live in the Harlem Area." Photo negative by Gordon Parks.

Ford Motor Company Production Plant in Windsor, Ontario, in 1954. Photo by J. Angus.

March 1909. Hartford, Conn. "Newsgirls coming through the Alley" Glass negative by Lewis Wickes Hine. 

New York circa 1909. "The Ghetto, Lower East Side." Detroit Publishing Company.

"The Ghetto, Lower East Side." Detroit Publishing Company. New York, Circa 1909. 

Members of the Ku-Klux-Klan about to take off with the literature they dropped over the suburbs of the city promoting the KKK. The date coincides with a Klan parade through Washington's Virginia suburbs. March 18, 1922.

New York, November 25, 1913. "Mullins & Sullivan." West Point football players Charles Love Mullins Jr. and Joseph Pescia Sullivan, future major generals from the Class of 1917. 5x7 glass negative, Bain News Service. 

November 1938. "Shack of day laborer who works in sugarcane fields near New Iberia. He comes from a parish in northern Louisiana." 35mm nitrate negative by Russell Lee. 

South Pittston, Pa. "Breaker boys working in Ewen Breaker of Pennsylvania Coal Co." Child Labor Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine. January, 1911. 

Washington, D.C. "Football - Georgetown University Game, 1911." Harris & Ewing.

 Circa 1901. "Cluster of skyscrapers, New York, New York." Detroit Publishing Company.

Tire Sale at Amalgamated Tire Store in Washington, D.C., circa 1920. National Photo Co.

White Christmas 1954 - The family gathered at home for Christmas, Miami Shores, Florida.

New York circa 1903. "East River and Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan." Detroit Publishing Co.

July 1940. "Farm woman washing clothes in her motor-driven washing machine. Near Lincoln, Vermont." Sliver gelatin print by Louise Rosskam.

Hanging rock in the shape of the side of a face on the Susquehanna near Danville, PA.", Detroit Publishing Company, Circa - 1901.

The same rock on the same road seen in the picture above from the opposite direction.  The railroad tracks still run along the far side of the road.  Photo by J. Martin - August, 2014.

Washington, D.C., circa 1917. "Miss Carter Mullikin, Holton-Arms School." Harris & Ewing.

1919. "U.S. Army WWI soldiers return to Washington, D.C." Harris & Ewing Collection.

March 8, 1909. New Haven, Connecticut. "Telegraph messenger Boys" Lewis Wickes Hine.

Detroit circa 1904. "Fountain of Ice" frozen fountain on Washington Boulevard. Detroit Publishing Company.

A young Humphrey Bogart, circa 1920's.

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