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Monday, December 1, 2014

Historic Photos / Set # 10

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

November 14, 1889: Pioneering female journalist Nellie Bly (aka Elizabeth Cochrane) begins a successful attempt to travel around the world in less than 80 days. She completes the trip in 72 days. Photo: H. J. Myers / Library of Congress.

German prisioners of war, World War I - 1918.

Polish labour activist and future Polish President Lech Wałęsa was released after eleven months of internment near the Soviet border, November 14, 1982.

C3PO Conducting John William’s Star Wars with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, 1978.

A German soldier ties the hands of a captured Slovenian partisan prior to his execution on Mala Poljana mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Slovenia, Yugoslavia. Summer 1942.

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1972. Donald’s left hand deflated after an unfortunate collision with a tree.

  The Great Sphinx partially excavated, Circa – 1878.

Sailors frantically jump overboard a sinking HMS Prince of Wales minutes after it was struck by Japanese bombers. Malaya, December 10th, 1941.

Two Union veterans being interviewed during their flight over Pennsylvania on the way to the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1938.

Seven-year-old Hans Massaquoi in Hamburg, 1933. He wanted to join the Hitler Youth and then wrote a book about growing up biracial within Nazi Germany.

The flight crew of a TWA DC-4 dubbed “The Acropolis” pose before a 30 hour, multi-stop flight ending in Cairo, Egypt. Photo taken in New York, 1946.

A burial party assembled on USS Intrepid’s hangar deck in the Philippine Sea in the days following a Japanese kamikaze attack. On November 25, 1944.

Portrait of prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache Nation, Geronimo 1907.

 The Doors live at Fillmore East Theater, New York City, 1968.

A formation of Spitfires on interception patrol over De Djerba Island, off Gabes, on their way to the Mareth Line area, 1942.

Sign for segregated seating being placed on a bus in North Carolina, 1955.

A clown balloon heads through Times Square during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1940.

A plane carrying recently liberated Vietnam POWs lifts off for home, March 28, 1973.

Wisconsin Dairy School, First Cheese Making Class, 1907.

The airfield at Neuberg, Austria after it was carpet bombed by B-24 Liberator bombers of the US 15th Air Force in March, 1944. 

A Royal Navy sailor on board HMS Alcantara uses a portable sewing machine to repair a signal flag during a voyage to Sierra Leone.  Photo by Cecil Beaton. March, 1942.

American tourists visiting South Africa photograph black children during Apartheid, 1973. Photo by Ed van der Elsken.

Locals, including Native Americans look over the new Municipal Airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico – 1939.

Ford Model T truck pulling 8,000 Pounds of Hay – Promotional Photo by Henry Ford.

The Statue of Liberty as seen from Jersey City in 1973.

The airline industry’s first stewardesses ready for inspection for Boeing Air Transport, 1930.

A Cecil Beaton portrait of the teenaged future Queen of England, Princess Elizabeth wearing her ATS uniform 1942.

Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones leads hundreds of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at their agricultural commune in a remote part of the South American nation of Guyana. Many of Jones’ followers willingly ingested a poison-laced punch while others were forced to do so at gunpoint. The final death toll at Jonestown that day was 909; a third of those who perished were children. November 18, 1978.

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