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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 18

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Two severely burnt British soldiers whose tank had been hit by a German shell shortly after the Normandy landings, 1944 -

An Iraqi boy selling oranges in a Baghdad during the Gulf War, circa 1991.

 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife emerging from the Sarajevo Town Hall to board their car, a few minutes before the assassination June 28, 1914.

Troops of the Canadian 9th Infantry Brigade land with their bicycles on Juno Beach on D-Day, 6th June 1944, Normandy.

Children learn to swim in the schoolyard in England in the early 1920s.

 The city gates of St. Augustine, Florida, 1865.

German Friedrichshafen seaplane crashed into a building in Germany 1918.

 Worker on the Empire State Building by Lewis W. Hine 1930.

Eric Lomax, a British soldier tortured by the Japanese during WW2, photographed on his reunion with a remorseful Takashi Nagase, one of his interrogators, in Thailand, 1993.

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia with his first cousin King George V of England, Colorized Photo 1915 -

Two soldiers at Victoria Station about to leave for the front, 1914 -

Midnight At the Glassworks. Photo taken at an Indiana glass and bottle factory in 1908. Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine, restored by Michel Vuijlsteke - Library of Congress.

American and United Nations troops enjoy a Jack Benny performance at a USO show in Korea, July, 1951. Photo Michael Rougier, Time & Life Pictures.

President John F. Kennedy looks over a Gemini space capsule with Astronaut John Young on board during a September 1962 visit to McDonnell Aircraft.

The body of Volkssturm Bataillonsf├╝hrer Walter Doenicke, who killed himself shortly before the arrival of allied troops in Leipzig, lies next to a portrait of Adolf Hitler with his face torn out, April 1945.

Three unidentified boys at Manzanar Relocation Internment Camp, Owens Valley, California - 1943.

American and Soviet troops meet at the River Elbe near Torgau, Germany on April 25th 1945.

Medical attendants remove the body of Marilyn Monroe from her home following her fatal overdose of sleeping pills, 9th August 1962.

A woman from Ukraine sends a blunt message to President Putin of Russia - 2014.

Traffic warden Hugh ­Duncan cradles injured child in the aftermath of an IRA bombing, Belfast, 1972.

Huts and unemployed, West Houston and Mercer St., Manhattan, by Berenice Abbott, 25th October 1935.

Jewish children of the Warsaw ghetto during German occupation, Summer 1941.

This 1971 photo from David Hume Kennerly shows an American GI, his weapon drawn, cautiously moving over a devastated hill near Firebase Gladiator during the Vietnam War.

Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme sits in an interrogation room September 5, 1975, just after her assassination attempt on Gerald R. Ford.

 John F. Kennedy catches a bunch of bananas thrown to him by an admirer during the 1960 campaign.

Queen Elizabeth II during the throws of World War II, 1944.

 Japanese plane shot down during the battle of Saipan 1944.

Burt Ward and Adam West photographed by Yale Joel on the set of the Batman movie, 1966.

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