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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 24

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

The Human U.S. Shield formed by 30,000 soldiers at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan 1918.

With vast numbers of horses being sent to the Western Front during World War One, some farmers and tradesmen at home turned to elephants to help them with their work.

A six year old paperboy "newsie" on the city streets of Saint Louis, Missouri - 1910.

View of the hole in the Empire State Building after a B-25 bomber accidentally crashed into it on July 28, 1945.

Crowd in Times Square, New York celebrating the surrender of Germany, May 7th, 1945.

An injured survivor of the Hindenburg disaster calmly smokes a cigarette as he is moved to a hospital from the field at Lakehurst, New Jersey, May 6, 1937.

The immediate aftermath of the Wall Street Bombing, New York City - September 16th, 1920.

October 7, 1921. "School in Session. Sunset School, Marey, West Virginia. Pocahontas County." Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan communicate through their interpreters, during their first official meeting, Geneva, Switzerland November 21, 1985.

Marine relaxing on the wing of a F4U-1 of Marine squadron VMF-222, Bougainville 1944.

"Row houses in Washington, D.C." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative - 1935.

November 1942. Lititz, Pennsylvania. "Mennonite farmer and wife at the farmer's market." Photo by Marjory Collins, Office of War Information.

Horse Drinking from Water Fountain Reserved for Horses – Market Street Harrisburg, PA Detroit Publishing collection at the Library of Congress – 1916.

July 1939. "Zollie Lyons, Negro sharecropper, home from the field for dinner at noontime, with his wife and part of his family.  Wake County, North Carolina. Medium-format nitrate negative by Dorothea Lange.

July 1956. Greenville, North Carolina. "Segregationist tobacco sharecropper Marshall Joyner and family bowing heads in prayer before dinner." Color transparency by Margaret Bourke-White, Life photo archive.

January 1939. "Negro sharecropper mother teaching children numbers and alphabet in home. Transylvania, Louisiana." Medium-format nitrate negative by Russell Lee - Resettlement Administer.

1964. The Super Giant supermarket in Rockville, Maryland. Color transparency by John Dominis, Life magazine photo archive.

January 1941. "Street in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania." Medium format safety negative by Jack Delano. Office of War Information.

American GI capturing a German officer in Ill, France - September, 1944.

"East Side Free School for Crippled Children" New York circa 1908. (Special Education School for Physically and Mentally Impaired Children) George Grantham Bain Collection. Original Photo Caption: "Feeble-minded in Cripple School, Henry St."

Swimming in the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool, Washington, DC, July 16, 1926.

Two East German builders add broken glass shards to the top of the freshly built Berlin Wall to prevent East Berliners from escaping. 22 August 1961.

After a night of German bombing over London, a store keeper opens up despite the damage to his store front the next morning.  He created a sign "Business as Usual" to notify the public he was open. London – Circa 1940's.

"Majestic Building from Detroit Opera House." With "ServSelf Lunch in Basement." 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. / 1909.

Remains of Hiroshima Fire Department / West Side Main Fire Station – 1945.

A young girl gazes out over the rubble of the remains of Warsaw, Poland – 1945.

Jonathan the Tortoise in year 1900 and today, in 2015… He is believed to be the oldest living reptile on earth (Island of Saint Helena) at an estimated age of 183 years old. 

 George H.W. Bush poses in his baseball uniform at Yale, 1945.

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