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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 32

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Customers line up outside the first McDonald’s hamburger stand which was opened by brothers Dick and Maurice McDonald in San Bernadino, California, 1948.

Presidents Bush and Reagan with Gorbachev at Lower Manhattan – 1988.

Elvis Presley and Judy Tyler in ‘Jailhouse Rock’, 1957.

The most famous bill board in the history of advertising, the Camel Billboard at Times Square, which blew a smoke ring out of the mouth of the man on the sign every four seconds by way of a steam engine. The bilboard existed for 26 years, becoming a popular tourist attraction. Photo, 1943. 

The first drive-in theater in Los Angeles, California, 1935.

First portrait photograph of a woman's face, Dorothy Catherine Draper, 1839.

Cancer victim Terry Fox during his Marathon of Hope run across Canada in July 1980. He ran a marathon a day for 143 days until he lost his battle to cancer.  Hiss courageous effort led to the annual Terry Fox Run in his memory, which has raised over 600 million
for cancer research to date.

Russian Soldiers on the steps of the Reich Chancellery looking at German medals that would never be awarded. May, 1945.

A Roto-Whirl Ride at a small town fair - Circa 1950.

Interior Style - birch and turquoise kitchen design, 1957.

 Two little girls reading comics, 1953.

Dancing at the Sock Hop, Life Magazine 1950.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, June 2, 1953.

Jackie, John and Caroline Kennedy at Hyannis Port, August 21, 1959.

James Dean and Natalie Wood on the set of ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, 1955.

Times Square, Broadway at 45th St., New York City, 1958.

Girls night out at the Bowling Alley, 1957.  Photo by Nina Leen.

Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, 1955.

Two Soviet infantrymen frozen to death in their foxhole, Finland, 1940.

A child performs “auto repair” on his pedal car, 1950.

A painter cleans the tail section of a P-51 Mustang fighter prior to spraying with olive-drab camouflage. North American Aviation plant, Inglewood, CA – 1942. Photo by Alfred Palmer.

Grace Kelly with her wedding party, Cathedral of Monaco,1956.

A young West Berlin couple peer over the Wall as the woman speaks to her mother in East Berlin, Circa 1960s -

Nazi Rally in the Cathedral of Light, 1937.

Teens partaking in the popular telephone booth stuffing fad, 1950. 

A mother proudly walks with her war-bound son in a troop parade in Sydney, Australia prior to his departure for Rabaul, 1914.

Betty White photographed by Earl Theisen for Look magazine, 1954.

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