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Monday, May 11, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 36

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Lieut. Gen. Omar Bradley lost in thought on Omaha Beach on the 25th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, Normandy, June 1969. Photo by Bill Ray for Life Magazine.

Nat King Cole, Harlem, Late 1950s.

Petersburg, Virginia. “Dead Confederate soldier outside the walls of Fort Mahone.”April 1865.

General Charles de Gaulle shaking hands with children, two months after the German capitulation in Lorient, France in July of 1945.

Agricultural day laborer and his family near Muskogee, Oklahoma in August, 1939.

John Lennon in sun glasses, Circa 1970.

United States Army Jeep ‘graveyard’ in Okinawa, Japan, 1949.

Four kings: Edward VII , his son George, Prince of Wales, later George V , and grandsons Edward, later Edward VIII , and Albert, later George VI – Circa 1908.

RMS Empress of Russia in Dazzle camouflage - Used extensively in WWI, Made it difficult to estimate a ship’s range, speed, and heading.  Was made obsolete with the invention of radar.

American stage and film actress of the early silent film era Marie Doro, 1902.

Promotional Photo - World War I Nurse with dog, 1914-1918.

Amelia Earhart sits on top of her Lockheed Electra plane with a group of Purdue University coeds in front. September 20, 1936.

Jimi Hendrix plays the drums, Circa 1960.

The Great Hurricane of 1938, AKA The Long Island Express, hits Long Island, New York. The hurricane was estimated to have killed between 682 and 800 people, damaged or destroyed over 57,000 homes, and caused property losses estimated at US$306 million ($4.7 billion in 2014). September 21, 1938.

September 20, 1984: The Cosby Show premieres on NBC Television. The show ran for eight seasons, ending on April 30, 1992. The show ran for eight seasons, ending on April 30, 1992. Photo by Ted Thai for Time Life Pictures.

Paul Newman, Portrait Photo by Leo Fuchs, 1959.

Girls in a science laboratory at Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1899. Photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston.

Queen Elizabeth II services a military vehicle during World War II, Camberley, England. Life Magazine, March 1945.

Destruction of Manila, Philippines during World War II, 1945.

British soldiers playing soccer wearing gas masks during World War I, somewhere in Northern France - Press Photo, 1916.  

A steeplejack free climbing the Tabula Ansata book held by the Statue of Liberty to make repairs, 1938.

John F. and Jackie Kennedy arrive in Dallas on the day of the assassination, November 22, 1963.

English archaeologist Howard Carter after discovering the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922.

A paperboy selling The Washington Daily News on a street corner in the nation's capital, 1921.

George and Barbara Bush with their first born child George W. Bush, while Bush was a student at Yale, 1947.

SR-71 & Pilots in Full Pressure Suits at Lockheed Martin: Photo by Eric Schulzinger. Circa 1980.

A dead soldier laying beneath a crucifix WWI. Photo by Walter Kleinfeldt – BBC 1917.

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