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Friday, August 28, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 46

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

American model Jean Pachett helps define 1950's fashion with her reserved style of conservative elegance.  Photo for Vogue Magazine by Erwin Blumenfeld 1950.

Actress Marlene Dietrich kisses a soldier returning home aboard the USS Monticello 1945.

Extreme snowfall in Jamestown, North Dakota 1966. Photo by Bill Koch.

Newspaper cameramen photograph Fala, Roosevelt’s pet Scotty, who accompanied the President to the Quebec conference on August 20, 1943.

Queen Elizabeth II inspects troops at age 16 after her father made her Colonel of the Grenadier Guards - 1942.

Graf Zeppelin makes an extremely low pass over the stands at Wembley Stadium, England during the 1930 FA Cup Final, won 2-0 by Arsenal over Huddersfield.

Children looking longingly at a collection of toy soldiers in a shop window. United States, Circa 1950.

Casualties of the German mustard and chlorine gas attacks at the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium, World War I - May 1915.

Young German soldiers known as "Place Fillers" are held captive during World War I  by the French.  Place Fillers were boys between the ages of 14-18 that were recruited to take the place of fallen or captured older soldiers in their mid 20s.  Photo - Leslie's Weekly.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and her children John F. Kennedy Jr. and Caroline Kennedy riding a horse and pony, November 19, 1962. Photo: JFK Library.

Members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in 1937. On the left is Oliver Law, the first African-American to command white troops.

Young church folk from Sunnyvale protest against John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles are “more popular than Jesus” outside Candlestick Park in San Francisco where the Beatles are holding a concert, August 29, 1966.

The “shadow” of a Hiroshima victim, permanently etched into stone steps, after the atomic bomb – 1945.

Alice Huyler Ramsey, the first woman to drive across the US in 1909. The trip was designed as publicity for the Maxwell-Briscoe carmaker and covered 3,600 miles, only 152 miles of which were over paved roads.

In this April 2, 1967 photo, a wounded U.S. soldier is given water on a battlefield in Vietnam. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)

Street in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania – Winter of 1941 Photo by Jack Delano.

Chess prodigy Samuel Reshevsky at age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in a simultaneous exhibition in 1921.

Mao Zedong, AKA: Mao Tse-tung, the founding father and communist leader of the People's Republic of China playing ping pong in 1963.

The four Romanov sisters of Russia, Maria, Olga, Anastasia and Tatiana, 1910 / Colorized Photo by Dana Keller.

A tiny puppy sleeping comfortably between Russian soldiers. (1945)

US 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery pose for a group photo in Grenzhausen, Germany at the close of WWI - August 1918.

Young men climb about wreckage after the Great Flood of 1899. Heavy rainfall caused a massive failure of the South Fork Dam, releasing a torrent of water upon the small city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, killing over 2,200 residents and causing $500 million in damages. The Johnstown Flood remains the single event causing the largest loss of life in Pennsylvania.

Two little boys running arm in arm to the shops to pick up the family entitlement of cod liver oil, orange juice and dried milk in the slum area of Glasgow in the East End of London. Photo by Bert Hardy for the Picture Post, 1948.

The Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers 1957 - Macfadden Publications.

A couple enjoys an old fashioned zip line on a weekend afternoon. (1923).

An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. (1950s)

Spanish woman fighting for the Republican Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War. She is armed with a British Lee-Enfield rifle. Circa 1936.

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