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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 52

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

The city of Cleveland - 1.5 million balloons being released in a United Way publicity stunt, 1986.

 Girls Night Out - Washington Hot Shoppe Restaurant – Washington D.C. - December 1941 / Photo by John Collier.

German soldier giving another solider a light with his flamethrower, WWII. 

Elvis Presley signs autographs for fans in Germany while out riding a bike, Circa 1959.

Color photograph of the original black-and-white Addams Family television set.

Concerns over the Beetles comments on race relations caused several local DJs with support of the KKK to begin publicly burning Beatles records in protest throughout the American South / Photo - Georgia, 1966.

Susan Atkins leaves the grand jury room after testifying against accused murderer Charles Manson, Los Angeles, California, December 1969. Photo: Ralph Crane.

Two Policeman on Trafalgar Square during Christmas in London, 1948 – Getty Images.

Charles Lindbergh landing the Spirit of St. Louis at the Croydon Aerodome in London May 29, 1927.

Stonehenge’s gardener mowing the grass. Circa 1955.

A young girl selling black market cigarettes to café patrons in Naples, Italy, 1948.

American actress Susan Peters. Discovered by Hollywood when she was 18, paralyzed after a hunting accident at 24, and dead by 31 from pneumonia complicated by anorexia. 1943.

Times Square, New York City, December 30, 1935 - Photo: NY Daily Times.

December 26, 1947:  Heavy snow blankets the Northeast U.S., buries NYC under 25+” of snow in 16 hrs - Photo: Art Whittaker / NY Daily News.

Boys watch the Christmas Eve broadcast from Apollo 8 astronauts in space. Virginia, December 24, 1968. Photo: Bruce Dale / National Geographic.

An instructor signals through a porthole to a seaman at the bottom of a 15 foot tank, during submarine crew training at the DSEA Instructional Centre at Portsmouth in 1939. 

'Solitude' John F. Kennedy at Coos Bay, Oregon – Photo by Jacues Lowe 1959.

Wartime Farewell, Pennsylvania Station in New York City: 1944.

British soldiers at play" by H.D. Girdwood. France, c. 1915 via The British Library.

Children play in the yard of Ruston home, while a Tacoma smelter stack showers the area with arsenic and lead residue. Ruston, Washington, August 1972.

Russian actress, ballet dancer, and choreographer Tamara Geva photographed by Alfred Cheney Johnston c. 1927.

Big and Small / Circus Elephant Photo, Date Unknown Tyne & Wear Archives & Museum.

Surf Sirens, 1946 - Photo by Ray Leighton via The National Library of Australia.

London Street Scene, 1920s.

Dakota Ice Skating, Central Park in view of the Dakota Apartment House in the 1880s / Source - Untapped Cities.

"Cheering crowds greet British troops in Paris, 26 August 1944." Imperial War Museum.

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