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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Historic Photos / Set # 57

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Three Hitlerjugen “soldiers” captured by American forces in Germany, April 1945.

Racing Driver Lewis Strang Examines The Proposed Layout for the New Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1909.

A woman who survived the Nagasaki atomic bombing, 1945.

Colorized Photo of an early Cadillac Dealership - Begg Motor Co. Showroom, Vancouver, 1921 (from Vancouver City Archives)

WWII — German long-range heavy bomber “Messerschmitt Me 264” . Capable of bombing New York City and returning to Europe. The “Amerika Bomber” project was ultimately cancelled.

 New York City's East Side Jewish Street Market 1900.

Berlin in ruins after WW2, May 1945.

U.S. space shuttle “Atlantis” docked to Russian space station “Mir”

New York City / The South Bronx, 1970.

German Soldiers Father and Son Pose for the Camera in Berlin 1914.

Pedestrians walk across the Golden Gate Bridge on opening day, May 27th, 1937.

Wormwood Street in the City of London after the IRA detonated a truck bomb on 24 April, 1993.

“The first Girl Scout,” Daisy Gordon Lawrence , with a young Scout in 1948.

Women window cleaners working in London, ca. 1917.

Easter service at St Patrick’s Chapel in Westminster Cathedral. London 1961 / Photo by Peter Hall.

The eyes of children during the Great Depression. Photo by Dorothea Lange.

A street car conductor denies a passenger access to a street car in Seattle in 1918, because he has no mask during the Flu pandemic of 1918-1919.

Neil Power: April 1913. Rome, Georgia. Neil Power, 10 years old. Said "turns stockings in Rome Hosiery Mill." "Hain't been to school much." Photo and caption by Lewis Wickes Hine.

A young woman picketing segregated lunch counters at Neisner's McCrory's, F.W. Woolworth's, Walgreen's and Sears stores in Tallahassee, Florida - December 1960.

Leipzigs Deputy Mayor and Municipal Treasurer Dr. Lisso, at desk, his wife Renate, in chair, and their 20 year old daughter Regina Lisso, after committing suicide by cyanide in the Leipzig New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) to avoid capture by American soldiers of the 69th Infantry and 9th Armored Divisions as they closed in on the city. Regina Lisso wears the armband of the German Red Cross. (Photo description by Amikam Salant)

A happy summer day in the suburbs of 1950's America.

 Teens perform "The Twist" during the 1950's.

1910 Portrait of Quentin Roosevelt, the son of President Theodore Roosevelt.  He later died in combat during World War I.

Children fill the streets shortly after the liberation of Paris, 1945.

Father and Son George H.W. and George W. Bush sporting Yale sweaters before they were presidents.

An exhausted Partisan fighter surrenders to the Greek Army during the Greek Civil War - 1948.

Walking Away on the Streets of New York City - 1946 / Photo by Stanley Kubrick for Look Magazine.

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