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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Historic Photos / Set # 70

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

A boy uses the spare tire on the back of a car as a quick way to inflate his football. Photo by Harris & Ewing 1922.

Top scientists at ground zero soon after the world’s first nuclear explosion July, 1945.

Apollo 9 Command Module, “Gumdrop,” docked with “Spider,” the Lunar Module - March 7, 1969.

Snow removal in Washington, D.C. January, 1925.

Hitler’s Eagles Nest in flames, Berchtesgaden, Germany after SS troops torched it as they retreated from the approaching Allies. Photo by Lee Miller, 1945.

President Richard Nixon resigns, August, 1974. Photo by Harry Benson.

Adolf Hitler and his entourage inspect the Schwerer Gustav, the largest and heaviest artillery gun ever used in combat. However, the gun saw little action as it proved to be a logistical nightmare to move - Circa 1942.

Crowd watching the World Series on an electro-mechanical scoreboard, Washington 1912.

Convoy being formed before sailing across the Atlantic. Bedford Basin, Nova Scotia – 1942.

President Bill Clinton takes a football to the face while playing touch football on the beach at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, December 31, 1993.

New York City Mayor William Gaynor moments after he was shot in the throat during an assassination attempt by a disgruntled city employee on board the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse docked in Hoboken, New Jersey, 1910.

RAF dropping propaganda leaflets during a day raid on Pak Nam Phau.

Two students from the poorest of the poor in India’s capital city. The makeshift classroom has no tables or chairs and is located underneath a bridge of the New Delhi Metro, 2014.

Portrait of a young Frank Sinatra at age eight, 1923.

A customer waiting for his medication at the Headache Bar in a pharmacy in Sydney, Australia. Among the items on sale are ‘Paigees with Chlorophyll’ and Alka Seltzer on tap. 1956.

Hooverville, One of many shanty towns that sprang up across the USA during the Hoover years of the Great Depression in Seattle, Washington. Colorized Photo Circa 1930s.

"Commodore Vanderbilt" departing Chicago’s LaSalle Street station, 1935.

Kentucky State Police trooper posing with his Chevrolet Bel Air. 1950s.

These men pictured are Bagpipers of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders playing for their Scottish regiment and a battalion of the English Middlesex Regiment - August 1915.

John F. Kennedy, Halloween in the White House with his children, 1961.

"This little girl is so small she has to stand on a box to reach her machine. She is regularly employed as a knitter in Loudon Hosiery Mills, Loudon, Tennessee, 1910" Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine.

Secret Service agents wrestle with Francisco Martin Duran in front of the White House, Saturday, Oct. 29, 1994 in Washington, D.C., after emptying the magazine on his Chinese SKS semi-automatic rifle at the White House by AP Photo/Felix Castillo, Jr.

A V-1 flying bomb lands in a street off Drury Lane, London – 1944.

Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe together at the 1953 Golden Globe Awards.

Citizens of London crowd Paddington Train Station trying to evacuate the city ahead of predicted German rocket attacks - 1944. 

Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite National Park, California USA, 1906.

Street scene of the poverty in London's East End - 1890. 

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