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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Historic Photos / Set # 91

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Fidel Castro with Ernest Hemingway at the Hemingway Fishing Contest, Cuba, 1960.

The largest Nazi rally in history outside of Germany, Over 15,000 Argentinians celebrating the annexation of Austria, 1938.

Sunlight fills the waiting room of Union Station, Chicago, Illinois, 1943, Photo by Jack Delano.

Toffs and Toughs - The photo that illustrates the class divide in pre-war Britain - 1937.

Albert Einstein Looking Fabulous in Shorts, Circa 1930s.

Dr, James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball, practices with his wife Maude in 1928.

Aftermath of the Great Chicago Fire, 1871.

Margaret Hamilton, head software developer for the Apollo 11's guidance computer, standing beside the program manuals of loaded original code, 1969.

Loggers in California with the felled giant ‘Mark Twain Redwood’, 1892.

Battle of Caporetto WWI - Dead Italian troops litter a hillside, victims of a German gas attack, Heights of Tolmein - 1917.

A young Charles M. Shultz looking a lot like Charlie Brown – Circa 1930.

A crowd gathers to hear the latest news read aloud on Wall Street as the stock market crashes - October 24, 1929.

"Child of white migrant worker ironing in tent camp near Harlingen, Texas", 1939.

Salvage crews examine the torpedo damaged hull of the capsized USS Oklahoma, during recovery operations following the attack on Pearl Harbor.  429 men died when the ship capsized.  The ship could not be repaired and was later scrapped - 1946.

A Coca-Cola company delivery truck in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1909.

Citizens crowd the capital during the Liberation of Paris / World War II - August 25, 1944.

Baby Play Cage on a high-rise apartment building, 1937. These cages mounted to windows and were believed to be a good way for small children who lived in the city to get fresh air.

A group of convicted Mormons in the Utah Penitentiary for practicing polygamy. 

A player is injured during the Red Sox versus Tigers baseball game in Boston, 1910.

A two by four found penetrated through the middle of a palm tree's trunk during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in Florida - Photo by Bertho Bowman August 25, 1992.

Building biplanes in the Farman Aircraft Factory in Billancourt, Paris, 1917. Colorized Photo by Léon Gimpel.

The American Painting Factory, where artists hired by the Federal Art Project churn out painting of America's war heroes during World War II - Life Magazine, August 1942.

A policeman questions a saddened young boy who intended to fish in the fountain on Trafalgar Square, London, 1892.

President Ronald Reagan gives Muhammad Ali a "jab" during his visit to the White House, 1983.

Anne Frank pokes her head out of the window of the family’s flat at Merwedeplein, Amsterdam, 1942.

The two youngest sons of FDR, Franklin Roosevelt Jr. and John Roosevelt posing with surfing pioneer Duke Kahanamoku in Waikiki, Hawaii - August, 1934.

The ‘L’ train in Chicago, 1967. 

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