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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Historic Photos / Set # 96

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

A woman cleaning a 15 inch howitzer rifle gun barrel built at the Coventry Ordnance Works, Great Britain for the British Army during the Great War - 1914.

Portrait of British musician and songwriter John Lennon of The Beatles as a young boy in a school uniform and cap, Circa - 1948.

The heavily polluted Cuyahoga River outside Cleveland, Ohio on fire.  The river caught fire at least 13 times, causing millions of dollars in damages and helped spawn the environmental movement - 1969.

Austro-Hungarian army executes Serbian civilians, September- 1914.

“Nannies” are blown away by special effects “wind” on the Cherry Tree Lane set built in the Disney Studio’s Stage 4 during the production of Mary Poppins - 1964.

NYC Fire Department fire engine at 12th Avenue and 56th Street. turn of the century - Circa 1900.

World’s smallest man, Henry Behrens, dancing with his cat - 1956.

The staff of the Heilongjiang Daily, a Chinese Newspaper, accuse an official of ‘following the capitalist line’ during the Cultural Revolution 1966-1976.  His dunce cap announces his crimes.

The Green Line of demarcation, separating the Muslims and Christian sides of the Lebanese Civil War - Beirut, Lebanon 1982.

Woman on a litter sedan chair with the two slaves who carry her as transportation laborers.  Bahia, Brazil, 1860.

Bedouin mother and child on the Arabian Peninsula, Photo by Ilo Battigelli - 1948.

Robo-vac. This image is from a Whirlpool “Miracle Kitchen of the Future” display at the American National Exhibition in Moscow in 1959.

“Council of War”. General Ulysses S. Grant , Gen. George G. Meade, Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana, and numerous staff officers meet at Massaponax Church, in Virginia on May 21, 1864.

The destruction of the conference room at the Wolf's Lair following the “July 20th Plot” bomb to assassinate Adolph Hitler.  The attack by a military led coup d'état against the Nazi government failed and Hitler miraculously survived - 1944.

Pabst Beer Wagons ready for Milwaukee deliveries, 1900.

Students at Loretto Indian School designed to assimilate Native American children to accept white culture - Bernalillo, New Mexico 1886.

Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California / Photo taken on March 28, 1928.

National Woman’s Party activists watch Alice Paul sew a star onto the NWP Ratification Flag, representing another state’s ratification of the 19th Amendment, 1919.

British Soldiers departing for Egypt from Feltham Station, London lean out of their windows to kiss their loved ones goodbye.

German soldiers on a train headed towards the front lines at the beginning of World War I - 1914. 

A U.S. Army MP holds a young German girl on his knee during the Allied occupation of Germany, Munich, Germany, October 1945.

A baby cries at a bombed train station in Shanghai, 1937.

American GIs inspect an overturned German tank, after it toppled into a crater made by a bomb dropped right in front of it by an Allied plane, December 1944.

A small Maltese boy smokes a cigarette while his dinner cooks on an improvised stove, 4th December 1942.

Te-Low-A-Lut-La-Sha , a Pawnee chief, Photo in 1868 by William Henry Jackson.

Mannequins and other objects are installed at the atomic testing grounds for “Operation Teapot” in 1955.

Packed with day-trippers excursion steamers ‘Tashmoo’ and 'Idlewild’ lie alongside Detroit River Wharf - 1901.

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