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Friday, March 3, 2017

Historic Photos / Set # 97

Please Note: The art of photography has the ability to expose brutality and provide evidence of the utter failure of humanity.  Some Images may be disturbing...

Belgian women tearfully wave goodbye to husbands and sons leaving for the front line as the threat of a German invasion hung heavily over their homeland. May 11, 1940.

Associated Press photographer Huỳnh Thành Mỹ in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, one month before his death on October 10, 1965.  He was the older brother of Nick Ut, himself known for the iconic photo of naked Vietnamese children fleeing napalm bombing during the war.

“He had courageously fought to the last using his gun with deadly effect against the advancing Australian troops.” Hargicourt, in France on September 19th, 1918.

The leveling of the hills to make room for the new city of Seattle, Washington - 1910.

FDR and Ibn Saud sit on the USS Quincy, discussing what would turn into the “Quincy Pact” where Saudi Arabia gave the US an oil exploration / development monopoly in exchange for protection - 1945.

American suffragists, including Miss Maud Roosevelt at center, the niece of President Roosevelt - 1911.

“Rows of finished jeeps churned out in mass production for war effort as WWII allies plan for inevitable invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe.”, Photo by Dmitri Kessel, Life Magazine - 1942. 

Billy Stanley, 8-year-old third-grader, the only white pupil at St. Philip the Apostle’s school in Albany, New York, studies with his black friends. Billy said he likes school, and that the other pupils “treat me good.” September, 1961.

A young Polish boy at Eisenach concentration camp enjoying his first meal of US Army rations following the camp’s liberation by American forces. Eisenach was a slave labor camp where inmates made military equipment for BMW, 9 April 1945.

Team photograph of the Maryland Aggies football team, 1892.

Racing Driver Stan Fox’s Horrific Crash on the first lap of the Indy 500 - May 28, 1995.  Fox survived but suffered a severe head injury, which he eventually recovered from but never raced again.

One of New York Central’s “Mercury” engines in Chicago, 1936.

Future news journalist Diane Sawyer, at age 17, takes snapshots of New York’s skyline when she was America’s Junior Miss of 1963.

“Truant hanging around boats in the harbor during school hours.” Photo by Lewis Wickes Hine in Boston, Massachusetts - October 1909.

Ellis Island’s Rooftop Garden. A playground for the children of immigrants, who could be on the island for months without space to play. The Tribune reported that here “the future young Americans recover from the effects of their voyage and learn their first lessons in liberty.” Photo 1913.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - Portrait 1987.

Photo of ‘Endurance’ lit by flares at night. The ship became trapped in ice and was slowly crushed until it disappeared below the surface. Photo by Frank Hurley during Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition - 1914.  

A man in his tenement living quarters in New York City, 1891. 

“Robert McGee, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, showing effects of being scalped as a child by Sioux Chief Little Turtle in 1864.

A burning U.S. Navy Douglas AD-4 Skyraider from Attack Squadron VA-55 “Torpcats” aboard the aircraft carrier USS Essex, 1954.

“Cautiously advancing through the jungle, while on patrol in Japanese territory off the Numa-Numa Trail, this member of the 93rd Infantry Division is among the first Negro foot soldiers to go into action in the South Pacific theater.”, 05/01/1944.

Inside a general store with merchandise meticulously displayed with ceiling skylight - Undocumented Photo.

Building were in short supply after bombings wiped out most Japanese urban centers. Here disabled buses are used as homes in Tokyo October 2, 1946.

A looter wheels a shopping cart full of diapers past a burning market during the Los Angeles Riots, 1992.

Rusting cars on the sides of the road leading to the abandoned mining town of Madrid, New Mexico - 1974.

Astronomer Edwin Hubble peers though the eyepiece of the 100-inch Hooker telescope at California’s Mt. Wilson Observatory - 1937.

Princess Elizabeth of York shakes hands with an old soldier in London / Circa 1929.

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